Photographing and the filming of pupils

There are many special moments or occasions when a child is leaning to play a musical instrument that we feel are important to acknowledge and to record. Such as, receiving an award for passing an examination or performing a piece of music at a concert that they have spent many hours learning.

It is nice to record these special occasions with a photograph or a video form on smart phone as it offers family, friends and our wider pupil community an opportunity to share in that child’s special achievement or occasion; as well as acknowledging the effort our team makes too.

We seek permission from our parents or carers that allows The Music school Wanstead and its teachers to record such events and to share them with family, friends and our wider pupil community.

Ways we share – uploading photos or videos to the Pupil Portal Account; upload to Facebook and other social media outlets. We will only ever use first names when publishing any images outside of the school. Please contact Mrs Dimovska administrator.