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Zarie on Her Passion for Piano

Zarie - talks about her love of playing the piano and why music is so important to her.

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Christmas Concert

"Jingle Bells" Violin with Piano - Christmas Concert 2023

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Ecossaise in G

"Ecossaise in G" Christmas Concert 2023

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The Trout

"The Trout" solo guitar - Christmas Concert 2023

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How we operate

Terms and Conditions
Fees for tuition

My First Instrument

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Resources Files

Fees for tuition
Terms and Conditions
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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

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How often are the lessons
Lessons are offered weekly.
Are lessons always at the same time?
Yes, your time slot is reserved only for you, and it is quite difficult to change the time once the term has started.
Do I need to bring my instrument?
Yes, unless you play the piano or drums.
Can I pay for one lesson at a time?
At The Music Place, we offer music lessons on a subscription basis, meaning pupils commit to a set number of lessons for a specific period, typically a term. Before the start of each term, pupils are required to purchase a full term of lessons. A prorated purchase option is available when a pupil joins later.
Can I pay in instalments?
Payment plans are available for ten or more weeks of tuition. If you want this option, set it up before your first lesson. Our secure and convenient Go Cardless Payment Plan splits the payment into three easy instalments.
Do I need to enroll every term?
You are automatically enrolled from term to term, and your time is reserved for you across each term. Lessons continue unless you write to us to tell us you are stopping. You get a new invoice three weeks before each term. If you give us a leave notice during the mid-term break, there will be no renewal invoice.
Can I stop lessons at any time during the term?
No, six weeks/half-term notice must be given in writing before stopping the lessons. The exact dates are published every term.
Will I get a refund if I miss my lesson?
The Music Place has a no-refund policy.
Refunds or make-up lessons are not provided for lessons missed due to short-term sickness, school trips/activities, exam revision leave, family events, or exams.
What if my teacher misses my lesson?
If a teacher cancels a lesson due to illness or travel delays, we offer a catch-up lesson or a credit towards the following term’s fees.
Will I ever get a different teacher on the day?
Occasionally, your assigned teacher may have a concert, family commitment, or personal reasons that require a stand-in teacher to conduct the lesson. In such cases, our first action is to find a qualified teacher on our team. If no one is available, we refer to our list of teachers specializing in short-term cover work.